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Current Research: A randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel multicenter clinic trial to assess whether a single, prophylactic intrapartum oral dose of 2g azithromycin given to women in labor will reduce (1) maternal death or sepsis and (2) intrapartum/neonatal death or sepsis.

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Current Research: A prospective, population-based pregnancy study in low-middle income countries. Sites enroll pregnant women and follow 6 weeks post-delivery. Enrolling 60,000 women/year, MNH quantifies services, and provides stillbirth, neonatal and maternal mortality rates to inform research.

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Current Research: The PRIORITY Trial is an upcoming prospective, two-arm, randomized trial in low-middle income countries expected to start enrolling in 2023. Women with moderate hemoglobin concentrations immediately post-delivery (6-48hrs) and who deliver at study hospitals or birthing facilities in Global Network sites will be enrolled into the trial. The trial is assessing whether at 6 weeks post-delivery if there is a difference in achievement of non-anemic state between women receiving IV iron compared to women receiving standard care with oral iron.

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