Antenatal corticosteroid therapy (ACT) and size at birth: A population-based analysis using the Finnish Medical Birth Register Link

February 28, 2019:

Antenatal corticosteroid therapy (ACT) is used clinically to prepare the fetal lung for impending preterm birth, but animal and human studies link corticosteroids to smaller size. Read More »


Effect of a novel vital sign device on maternal mortality and morbidity in low-resource settings Attachment

February 15, 2019:

An article of interest on a trial that tested the introduction of Microlife VSA blood pressure monitoring device.


Inexpensive supplement for women increases infant birth size Link

February 11, 2019:

Findings from NIH-funded study could combat undernutrition in poor areas of the world. 


Omron's smartwatch blood pressure monitor cleared by FDA, launches in January

January 02, 2019: The HeartGuide watch uses a flexible synthetic band to inflate and maintain its shape to comfortably take an oscillometric wrist blood pressure the fly. Read more at:


Recent Publications

Malpresentation in low- and middle-income countries: associations with perinatal and maternal outcomes in the Global Network Link

February 08, 2019:

Duffy CR, Moore JL, Saleem S, Tshefu A, Bose CL, Chomba E, Carlo WA, Garces AL, Krebs NF, Hambidge KM, Goudar SS, Derman RJ, Patel A, Hibberd PL, Esamai Liechty EA, Wallace DD, McClure EM, Goldenberg RL; NICHD Global Network for Women's and Children's Health Research. Read More »


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