Current Research: The Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) study evaluates HBB training to reduce newborn mortality. International HBB Master Trainers and Trainers from Nagpur, Belgaum, and Kenya trained site Master Trainers; subsequently 1,636 birth attendants were HBB-trained and quality improvement activities implemented.

The Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) initiative represents a further development of the Global Network FIRST BREATH trial, which was designed to provide skilled birth attendants to babies wherever they are born. HBB is being rolled out globally by the Global Network, the American Academy of Pediatrics, USAID and its partners, Saving Newborn Lives, Laerdal, Inc. It was field tested in 5 sites, 2 of which were Global Network sites in Kenya and Belgaum, India, and includes the development of a new low-cost neonatal simulator and resuscitation bag. USAID requested that the Global Network evaluate the impact of Helping Babies Breathe on neonatal survival which is underway in 3 Global Network sites in Kenya, and Nagpur and Belgaum, India. USAID will conduct the programmatic evaluation for 4 sites. The GN HBB pre-post study has an important public health goal: to demonstrate whether HBB training of birth attendants (BAs) in 71 participating facilities that deliver many pregnant women living in GN communities will improve the outcome of all neonates delivered in the GN clusters in a 1-yr pre-post study. Teams of HBB Master Trainers (MDs and RNs), paired with core master trainers from Nagpur, Belgaum, and Kenya trained a large cohort of site Master Trainers in May, 2012, in order to scale up HBB expertise in 4 months. Subsequently 1,636 birth attendants have been trained in HBB at the 71 participating facilities and strong QI program implemented in the facilities.

  • Richard Derman, MD, MPH
  • Bhalchandra Kodkany, MD, MBBS
  • Patricia Hibberd, MD, PhD
  • Archana Patel, MD, DNB, MSCE
  • Edward Liechty, MD
  • Fabian Esamai, MBChB, MMed, PhD
  • Christiana Care
  • Lata Medical Research Foundation, Nagpur, India
  • JN Medical College, Belgaum, India
  • Indiana University
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya
  • RTI International
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