New GN Website Feature: Stories from the Field

March 11, 2020:

Stories from the Field is a space to showcase the narratives of the players who bring the Global Network to life. We will be interviewing key in-country personnel about their journeys in Maternal and Child Health, experiences working with the Global Network, and perceived impact of the Global Network in their country. Here we will learn more about the unique sites which encompass the Global Network, challenges faced in Maternal and Child health in their country, and how collaborating with the Global Network will help to overcome those key issues now and in years to come.     

This space is also open for sites to submit their own posts about any work they wish to highlight. If you or anyone at your sites wants to share your experience working with the Global Network, please contact Nalini Peres-da-Silva ( and she will work with you to feature your story.

The first Stories from the Field article will highlight Dr. Shivaprasad Goudar. Dr. Goudar has been a collaborator with the Global Network from its inception as the Senior Foreign Investigator of GN08 Belagavi, and has dedicated his career to Maternal and Child Health research. He shares his view on the impact the Global Network has had in India and on the healthcare for mothers and babies around the world over the past two decades. 

Posted By: Nalini Peres-da-Silva
Last Updated: 3/11/2020 3:42 PM

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